Previously we asked about cross-silo collaboration, agile principles and digital automation in the face of prevailing culture shifts. In the light of the Coronavirus pandemic, most organizational cultures are shifting once again and may be adjusting the way they are approaching goal setting, feedback conversations and merit / incentive payouts.  

Led by talent leaders from Tiffany & Co, Discover Financial and the World Bank Organization, we will use our time together to explore the following questions:

  • In the moment in which we are living, has your purpose for performance management changed?
  • How are you adapting current processes in the context of the crisis?
  • What are you learning about the conversation and feedback approaches you are using – what’s working, what may present challenges? How are you equipping managers and employees?  
  • How are you measuring performance-management related outcomes?
  • Look Ahead: What would you like to know about approaches to recognizing and rewarding high performers? What else about the process is important to begin to uncover from a best / effective practice perspective?