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Leveraging Assessments & Coaching - Leadership Development Exchange

Thanks to all who attended the Leadership Development exchange meeting, and a warm welcome to our new members. During this session, we explored how to integrate the use of coaching into the leadership development strategy.

Together we were able to:

  1. Experience a 10-minute meditation from Tiffany Kramlich at Still Ambition and Land o’ Lakes. Another breathing exercise we have used in the past is a Moment to Arrive.
  2. Learn how Land O’ Lakes created Emotional Well-Being Programs for the Modern Workforce.
  3. Consider the advantages that mindfulness practices can bring to leadership coaching and even lead to better market performance.
  4. Learn how Ford has approached their coaching services and learn about their best practices (resource coming shortly, graphic is in the deck).


Here’s what we found together.

There were many great insights including:

  1. Many have mindfulness practices in their organization.
    • The benefits. It helps build emotional intelligence, reduce anxiety, and create a feeling of belonging.
    • The challenge. How can you sell the value? An invitation to join is the best strategy to help skeptics engage.
  2. Coaching practices are also common in organizations. Here are some best practices.
    • Clarity of Purpose.
      • Align and streamline. Create universal packages. Work with one firm. Consider one type of coaching.
    • Quality of Service.
      • Goals and objectives. Ensure those being coached know why they are there. Consider using coaching during times of transition and onboarding (assimilation).
    • Quality of Process.
      • Measurement. Use employee feedback like post sentiments and 360 data.


But what about assessments?

We had such a great conversation around coaching that we did not have an opportunity to discuss how assessments are being used in coaching. Here are some resources that may help:


The Leadership Development Exchange, a peer-driven working group, focuses on how global high-performance organizations identify the leadership competencies required to ensure organizational agility and develop effective leaders accordingly. Explore these issues with peers and key thought leaders to apply those strategies in your organization.

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