Exchange Hero DEI FEB 14 2023

Championing Diverse Talent Management: Recruitment, Mobility, and Promotion - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Exchange

i4cp found (again) this year that talent—attraction, development, and retention—topped every HR leader’s list of challenges in 2023. Often, there is an opportunity to create more meaningful D&I outcomes by looking at every element of the talent management process and asking: how can we do this better to ensure we are really living inclusive and diverse values? What new talent management approaches and processes should we be applying to ensure that a more diverse, highly engaged workforce can bring their unique experiences and diverse backgrounds to fulfilling careers?

Featuring: Jessica Brazier, VP and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, at AdventHealth and Dianne Armstrong, VP of Talent Management, at Flex

Facilitated by Dele Downs Kooley, D&I Global Talent Acquisitions Excellence at Microsoft.


Top 4 things we explored.

Everyone owns DE&I. Everyone needs to take responsibility for the success of DE&I initiatives. There are many different organizational structures to do so. Some organizations have combined DE&I with their Talent Management teams. Check out the DE&I Structure & Governance Model series.

Economic conditions are putting a focus on retention. Hiring, freezes, and layoffs are all happening at the same time, sometimes within the same company. It’s harder to create a more diverse workforce when you cannot hire. Instead, companies are looking to structures like ERGs and Diversity Councils for retention. Check out The Untapped Power of ERGs.

Create diverse talent personas. Personas help to clearly define who you’re looking for and why. Ensure these personas are created with DE&I input to ensure you’re finding the right talent for the right role. Check out the Candidate Personas Toolkit.

Ensure diverse talent mobility. This is not easy, and companies are working on updating their policies to ensure candidates can move to the right role at the right time. A key element of success is going back to the data to understand what mobility does or doesn’t look like, so you can dig deeper into why. Check out the Bias Audit Checklists and Talent Mobility Guidebook.


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