Creativity and Innovation

Innovation is the key to growth; it brings market advantages related to customers and competition and workforce advantages related to talent and performance. But perhaps the i4cp/AMA study says it most succinctly: "...innovation is a prerequisite for success--and perhaps even for survival."

Far more than the traditional view of R&D geared toward breakthrough discoveries or incremental product enhancements, today's focal point is on enterprise-wide innovation, recognizing the importance of creative thinking in every aspect of business. It is in a firm's processes, operations, organizational structures, and business models that innovation can truly become a differentiator.

Enabling enterprise-wide business innovation

i4cp helps members identify and capitalize on opportunities that can lead to competitive advantages. In a struggling economy and with fierce competition, creating an innovative culture that spans from executives to frontline employees can lead to better products and services, improved productivity, and more engaged employees.

i4cp members utilize the Creativity and Innovation Knowledge Center to keep a pulse on workforce innovation trends and developments with:

  • Strategic innovation reports and primary research survey findings
  • Innovation management Playbooks and executive summaries
  • Topical PowerPoint® graphics
  • Creativity and innovation research articles
  • A comprehensive database of third-party innovation research
  • Online and offline Q&A with peers at other member companies

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