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50+ Resources for Parents Educating School-Age Children at Home

The following resources are being collected and curated by i4cp's research team to assist parents working from home with school-age children.  

NEW From COVID Explained: Resources for Parents and School Districts

Preschool and Elementary School 

Elementary, Middle School, and Above

  • ABCYa - Reading and math games and activities for grades PreK-6
  • - Math lessons for grades K-5
  • Disneynature - Movies and complimentary educational materials for grades 2-6
  • Scratch - Interactive story, game and animation design from the MIT Media Lab, designed for ages 8 to 16 but available for anyone
  • STMath - Math lessons for grades PreK-8
  • Prodigy Math - Math programs for grades 1-8
  • Curriculum Associates - Math and reading activity packs for grades K-8
  • DK Find Out! - Lessons in subjects such as history, science and coding
  • Listenwise - Non-fiction audio stories covering ELA, social studies and science for grades 2-12
  • CommonLit - Reading and writing lessons for grades 3-12
  • Codecademy - Data science and coding lessons for high school and college students

All Ages