HERO EEE 2024 JUN18 EVPBrandAlignment

Unleashing the Power of EVP and Brand Alignment in Talent Acquisition - Employee Experience Exchange

An employer brand is the perception and reputation of an organization, and the goal is to align it with an authentic employee experience. The discussion will spotlight the contrast between the relatively fixed nature of employer brand and the adaptable, evolving potential of the employee value proposition; and how these investments translate into tangible strategies for talent acquisition professionals.

Members are invited to discover who should be the storyteller of the employer brand and gain insights into talent acquisition professionals’ needs for authentic narratives that resonate with both candidates and current employees.


  • The most effective ways to create a cohesive EVP and employer brand
  • Colleagues to involve in creating and sharing the EVP
  • Examples of employer brands as authentic narratives that convey the real employee experience
  • Talent acquisition strategies that share brand narratives to engage potential candidates

Looking for inspiration before our meeting? Check out these i4cp resources:

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This event is approved for certification credits.