i4cp Flash Call: ChatGPT - The Power of AI in the Workplace

The new platform ChatGPT, a language savvy AI chatbot, is being touted as another disrupter that could revolutionize the way we work. Outside of the quirky banter you can have with the language model, many organizations are seeking ways to implement its automation of articulate and detailed answers to reach business goals. 

In this member-exclusive Flash Call organizations discussed the possibilities and implications of relinquishing brain power to automated AI to complete HR business functions.

Resources shared: 

Top 4 take-aways: 

Poll Results – i4cp’s Director of Research Enablement, Judy Albers, conducted an instant poll during the call. Results showed most participants were personally researching and experimenting with generative AI tools. These results were followed closely by call participants that have not seen ChatGPT work.

Turnitin’s Approach – Turnitin, a global company dedicated to ensuring the integrity of education and meaningfully improving learning outcomes, described their approach to managing large data sets with generative AI.

Turnitin is striving to create environments to differentiate between human and AI work. They are using AI to build ideas, and validating results with an organizational perspective, which overall gives them more time and insight.

Competing With Robots – Some are skeptical with AI’s potential power on available jobs. However, it’s time to augment and automate as a strategic discipline. 

Jobs will pivot toward keeping people who know how to apply AI, so it is important to learn these new advances to embrace the future of work. 

Don’t Be A Fool With A Tool – To stay on top of AI, you must learn promptcraft, try some AI apps, and follow the explorers. Try learning from your organization’s marketing space on how they have leveraged AI to build an informed point of view.

Ideal AI Automations:

Call participants shared what HR processes generative AI could ideally automate. See some shared examples below

  • Candidate Screening
  • New Employee Training Questions
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Drafting Training and Course Scripts
  • HR Communications
  • Exit Interviews
  • Workforce Trend Analysis
  • Individual Development Plans

Great comments we heard: 

“We are using Hirevue to help automate parts of the hiring process, particularly in our high-volume spaces. We're finding that it is helping provide flexibility for the hiring managers and helping them to speed up the end-to-end process to get the best talent in the doors quicker.

It is working, but there is also some risk that comes along with introducing the automation and losing some of the human element. We’re having some great conversations around how to strike the right balance."

Nick Boyd, Sr. Director, Global Hiring Initiatives & Enablement, Nike