Thanks for contributing to our call on Purpose Mindset with guest Dr. @Akhtar Badshah, author of Purpose Mindset! Please see the deck attached and some of the take-aways from our discussion below. You may also want to look further our i4cp research The New Corporate Currency: Purpose, Culture, and Brand

Key Take-aways:

·       Our sense of purpose is derived from our connections in and outside of work rather than the content of our work

·       While most organizations have adopted a "growth mindset," though adopting a "purpose mindset" is a potential next practice that focuses on the common good, inspires action and believes in developing strengths and contributing to the future of greater possibility

·       Orient people around "who they want to serve" rather than "who they want to be"

·       Create space for people to share their personal story and purpose and how that connects with their work as a way to build trust and energy

·       Make connections between the company's purpose/metrics and employee's personal purpose to generate energy and alignment

·       Dr. Badshah's Five Principles drive an individual to develop a purpose mindset:

a.     Discovering Strengths—focusing on strengths and building on them to create greater possibilities.

b.     Working from Abundance—accessing a variety of innovative resources, from people to equipment and space, at previously unthinkable scales.

c.     Extending the Common Good—moving from doing things efficiently to having an impact on broad community progress.

d.     Igniting Movements—focusing on building a movement, not an organization, that leads to societal change.

e.     Embracing Empathy and Compassion—centering on the “we” rather than the “me.”"


Tools Shared:

·       Connected Commons - 28 Digital Cards to Help Employees Generate Purpose

·       Humana Case Study - A Purpose-Driven Culture Centers on Well-being

·       Imperative - Purpose Assessment and Peer Coaching

·       Tom Rath - Life's Great Question and Contribify Platform


Do you have a tool or guide that you’ve used to help people discover and connect to their purpose at work? Please contact carrie.bevis@i4cp.com to share!

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