While most organizations have acknowledged the increasing importance of supporting and designing their employee's experience, there are a wide range of intended (and unintended) outcomes. During our second meeting, we'll discuss the desired outcomes of employee experience strategies and initiatives and how to measure and share them.

Call Agenda:

·       Develop the challenge statement for Exchange Workshop at March Next Practices Now Conference in Scottsdale, AZ

·       Review the results of the Employee Experience Exchange pulse survey to gauge range of maturity of employee experience work, learn how our peers are defining employee experience, see which functions are responsible for delivery, and explore avenues for resourcing this work

·       What's the business case for focusing on employee experience an what is driving the need for this inside of member organizations?

·       What are the results organizations are hoping to achieve and how are they measuring ROI?

·       What are the core elements of employee experience strategies? Conversely, what it considered out of scope?

·       Look Ahead: What’s on your 2020 agenda?


Suggested Pre-Activity: Take the Employee Experience Exchange Survey

Quarterly Exchange Meetings are member-led virtual meetings between Exchange Community Working Groups. The agendas are collectively determined based on members' current interests and priorities, along with discussion on the functional implications of recent research.


Alyssa McGaha

Director, Member Services

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