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Rethinking the Employee Value Proposition - Employee Experience Exchange

Thanks to all who attended this exchange meeting, and a warm welcome to our new members. During this session, we explored shifts with the employee value proposition.

Top 4 things we explored.

  1. Reexamining Employee Value Propositions (EVPs). Organizations are now considering how to incorporate their employees’ voices into an ongoing evolution of their EVP.

  2. Top EVP elements considered most important for companies to offer in the coming year from The Talent Imperative study. Members in the meeting mentioned their EVP considers flexibility, commitment to DEI and/or belonging, and connecting to the purpose/mission of the organization during our discussion.

  3. A case study. Learn how Magellan Health Built a Better Employer Brand in 100 Days for Less than $100,000.

  4. Foundational elements of high-performance Employee Experience (EE). Our poll from the meeting showed that many organizations have created a dedicated team or function charged with driving EX. Learn more from The Five Key Elements of Employee Experience.


Here is what we found together.

There were many great insights including:

  1. Create 2-way communications channels.
    • Ensure you are communicating in a way that is inclusive and transparent to all levels of the organization.
    • Strengthen listening strategies through pulse surveys, town halls, etc. As you respond to employees and incorporate feedback, they become energized by co-creating the EVP.
  2. Collect quantitative and qualitative data.
    • Conduct interviews with employees at all levels. Consider talking to “alumni” of the organization.
    • Pulse surveys and collecting constant data seems to be a popular strategy.
  3. Consider diverse employee needs and make the EVP and EE equitable.
    • This is not a one-size fits all solution, but it often connects to pillars or values.
    • Create flexibility but make sure employees have an equitable experience whether they are on site or not.
  4. The EVP and EE should enable individuals to be authentic.
    • Each employee brings “a million data points” to work each day. Find opportunities to bring life, family, and work together in an authentic way. This includes the tough and positive moments.
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