HERO LDE 2024 MAR12 BuildingTrust

Building Trust: The Crucial Link Between Empathy, Productivity, and Goal Achievement - Leadership Development Exchange

In today's evolving work landscape, leaders and managers face a paradox—balancing increased empathy and flexibility while striving to meet organizational goals. i4cp's research report, The Productivity Predicament, uncovered a pressing concern for learning and development leaders: the imperative of training for trust. Such training is essential if leaders are to develop the ability to balance empathy with goal clarity, accountability, autonomy, and quality performance feedback.

Members are invited to explore the intersection of empathy, productivity, and achieving organizational objectives through trust.


  • Considerations for building a culture of trust, an essential foundation for organizational productivity
  • Strategies that prioritize both the what and how of goal achievement
  • Examples of training for trust and psychological safety

Looking for inspiration before our meeting? Check out these i4cp resources:

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This event is approved for certification credits.