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Building Trust: The Crucial Link Between Empathy, Productivity, and Goal Achievement - Leadership Development Exchange

In today's evolving work landscape, leaders and managers face a paradox—balancing increased empathy and flexibility while striving to meet organizational goals.Members explored the intersection of empathy, productivity, and achieving organizational objectives through trust.

Meeting Highlights:

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In a conversation with Charva Brown, Learning Programs Lead – Management Excellence at Microsoft and Mollie Lombardi, Senior Research Analyst at i4cp they highlight a study from Microsoft showing a stark contrast in productivity perceptions between employees and leaders, with 87% of employees feeling productive at work compared to only 12% of leaders expressing full confidence in their team's productivity. Addressing "productivity paranoia" involves recognizing the importance of well-being, acknowledging that activities like taking breaks can enhance productivity, and transitioning from toxic work cultures to ones that prioritize trust and employee concerns.

Building a Culture of Trust Member Panel

Giuseppe Vecchio

Giuseppe Vecchio

Sr. Mgr Learning Development & Wellbeing

Micron Technology


Heather Frank

Principal, Employer Transformation


Thank you to our panelists who addressed several pertinent questions regarding building trust. They shared insights and strategies for effective team building and navigating through various stages of team development. View their slides showcases their models for fostering a culture of trust on the event page. Take-aways include:

Employee Experience as Capability: Shifting the perspective of employee experience from a role-based approach to one centered around capability offers a more holistic understanding of organizational dynamics and individual contributions.

Framework for Effective Teams: Utilizing frameworks like the Table Group model underscores the importance of trust, vulnerability, and constructive conflict resolution as foundational elements for fostering cohesive and high-performing teams.

Balancing Leadership Roles: Recognizing the nuanced approach to leadership, understanding when to lead from the front with vulnerability and when to step back and allow others to contribute first, is crucial for creating an inclusive and empowering team environment.

Team Development Stages: Understanding the stages of team development, including forming, storming, norming, and performing, provides valuable insight into the dynamics of group interaction and progress.

Practical Team Activities: Implementing practical activities tailored to each stage of team development, such as get-to-know-you exercises for forming teams, constructive feedback sessions for storming teams, and establishing team norms for norming teams, fosters cohesion and progress.

Continuous Improvement: Recognizing that achieving a performing stage is not the end goal but rather an ongoing process of growth and development, emphasizes the importance of regularly engaging in team-building activities and reinforcing positive team behaviors to sustain high performance.

Leadership Trust Study 

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Kevin Wilde shared this resource highlighting the three key tactics for reinforcing positive leadership qualities.

It is inspired by The Trifecta of Trust by Joseph R. Folkman

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