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For decades, customer focus has been touted as the key to success. But talking about customer focus and taking action are not the same, and aligning company goals--and employees--with a customer focus/retention mindset has its challenges. While many organizations think their companies provide "superior" customer experiences, their customers may not rate their experiences that way. This misalignment of perceptions contributes to growing customer dissatisfaction and negatively influences customer loyalty.

Many factors contribute to this perception gap; chief among them is how employees view themselves in relation to customers. HR can play a significant role in developing a customer-focused workforce. Offering product knowledge and customer communications training, providing non-cash rewards and small incentives, and granting employees the discretion to solve customers' problems are examples of effective strategies to make the workforce more customer-centric.

Research and knowledge to make workforces customer-focused

i4cp members use the Customer Focus Knowledge Center to stay on top of trends and developments that can be used within their organization to improve and enhance customer focus initiatives.

The Customer Focus Knowledge Center contains a wide array of research, access to thought leaders and experts, real-time interaction with other managers and executives who are dealing with--or have succeeded at--similar programs, and other tools:

  • Customer focus reports and survey findings
  • Customer focus Playbooks and executive summaries
  • PowerPoint® graphics
  • Customer focus research articles
  • A comprehensive database of third-party research
  • Online and offline Q&A with peers at other member companies

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