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Rotation Programs as Upskilling Strategies

Upskilling efforts can take many forms, from high school completion and equivalency to apprenticeships to certification to college degree programs. One form of upskilling that is getting new attention is rotation programs, where employees are moved through different jobs or assignments to gain new experience or skills. These programs have a long history in developing new leaders, but can be a valuable learning experience for frontline workers in a time where skills are rapidly changing or becoming obsolete.

Upskill America and i4cp developed a new tool Rotation Programs as Upskilling Strategies that helps businesses understand the value of upskilling programs and provide a guide to implementing them. This tool outlines six critical components to a successful rotation plan for employers to consider. It also includes success stories of businesses and the benefits employers and employees each receive. 

Rotation Programs as Upskilling Strategies

Address these six critical components of rotation programs to drive upskilling sucess

The Rotations Program tool is the third in a series of infographics, thanks to a grant from Walmart to support UpSkill America’s work to equip businesses with tools to educate, train, and support frontline workers’ development to advance their careers. The other two:

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Kevin Martin
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