Webinar: Optimizing Return to Office Strategies with ONA

Rob Cross, SVP of Research at i4cp, has studied the underlying networks of effective organizations and the collaborative practices of high performers for over 20 years. You can watch the recording above to learn about the use of organizational network analysis (ONA) to map employee work relationships & patterns and help companies answer critical questions for hybrid work planning, such as: 

  • Who should be brought back together in a weekly cadence of in-person and virtual interactions? 
  • What work should be prioritized in the now scarcer in-person time? 
  • How do leaders manage the transition to a hybrid model with the least resistance? 

i4cp and Rob Cross offer a few solutions to help companies answer critical questions for hybrid work planning.

  • Connected Commons: This consortium of business leaders applies network science research in five areas—Connected Talent, Leader & Team Effectiveness, Well-Being & Performance, Culture Agility, and DE&I. Connected Commons is a part of most i4cp enterprise memberships.
  • Agility Accelerator: This interactive analytics platform quickly visualizes and analyzes communication and collaboration, provides insights about workflows within your team, and offers research-based recommendations to implement immediate improvements. Unlike traditional ONAs, you can collect and start analyzing data in a matter of days. 

Additional resources include: 

  • MIT Sloan article: Optimizing Return-to-Office Strategies with Organizational Network Analysis
  • Beyond Collaboration Overload: Rob's book reveals how high performers collaborate in ways that enable them to be 18-24% more efficient than their peers. It shows how successful people invest this time in ways that promote performance and well-being in today’s hyper-connected world.
  • i4cp blog: What is Organizational Network Analysis? And How Does It Benefit Companies?