Leverage organizational network analysis to drive agility, collaboration, and performance

The Connected Commons, a consortium of major employers and people leaders co-managed by i4cp and renowned thought leader Rob Cross, applies organizational network research to impact business performance, workforce collaboration, and individual well-being.

Advancing Organizational Network Analysis

Rob Cross has pioneered the use of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) in companies, which serves as an x-ray into the invisible structure that allows—and sometimes prohibits—work to happen. ONA helps your leaders and managers:

  • Measure connectivity and collaboration between employees, teams, functions, or other groups
  • Identify organizational bottlenecks and silos
  • Reveal hidden influencers, overloaded leaders, and under-engaged talent 

These insights enable practical actions to advance workforce productivity, performance, and organization effectiveness. Unlike the traditional org chart, which focuses on hierarchy, taking a network view enables you to see and manage your "social capital."

Team hierarchy vs. Organizational Network Analysis Hierarchy

How Connected Commons Brings ONA to Reality

Membership in Connected Commons, available through i4cp, grants early access to research, connection to leading organizations, and exclusive use of and/or discounts to game-changing tools.

Applied Research

Research and case studies focused on practical application of organizational network principles, often created and co-authored by members.

Peer Community

A community of leading organizations dedicated to understanding and applying network concepts to support their workforce, including workshops and virtual meetings.

Practical Tools

A suite of supporting resources including tangible toolkits, assessments, courses, and expert-led workshops that bring these concepts to life.

Connected Commons Applied Research Areas


The Connected Commons research focuses on five key areas with immediate application opportunities:

Connected Talent

Help talent move in and out of groups and organizations fluidly to speed time to productivity and improve employee experience.


Leader & Team Effectiveness

Crack the network practices of top-performing leaders and teams to promote innovation, execution, and engagement.


Well-Being & Performance

Discover the relational sources of well-being and the tools to support individual performance and thriving.


Culture Agility

Learn how local networks and hidden influencers can make or break culture renovation efforts, and how ONA can serve as a potent strategic management tool.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Apply a network lens to support all employees by developing the relationships that create belonging and upward mobility.