Connected Commons

Leverage organizational network analysis to drive agility.

The Connected Commons, a consortium of leading organizations and people leaders co-managed by renowned thought leader Rob Cross and i4cp, applies social network research to impact organizational performance and individual well-being. Members collectively develop insights and tools that address three impact areas facing HR leaders today through a social capital lens.

Align networks to key business objectives to fuel innovation.

Use organizational network analytics to drive new ways of thinking and acting. Identify critical change agents and points of resistance; promote effective collaboration; and develop networks strategically to meet goals such as gaining efficiencies or fostering innovation.

Optimize talent with network insights

Improve talent utilization, on-board effectively and reduce turnover by applying a network perspective. Combine traditional metrics with network analysis to make the talent and development decisions that drive key business results.

Help leaders create and manage their networks to lead more effectively

Apply research on high performers in hundreds of organizations to build effective networks that improve performance, boost the employee experience, and avoid connectivity patterns that undermine or derail leadership.

The network is the emerging paradigm for organizing human behavior.

Most of us still rely on ways of working created more than a century ago. Reimagining outdated hierarchies and structures, while activating and leveraging personal and organizational networks, is necessary to achieve untapped innovation, collaboration, and fluidity.

The founders of the Connected Commons have been committed to understanding social networks, identifying valuable skills and mindsets, and building capabilities to transform the performance and well-being of individuals and organizations for more than 20 years.

The Connected Commons links hundreds of talent, learning, and analytics leaders to empower and enable others to succeed in a network-based world. Join us to:

  • Promote leading-edge network science and research.
  • Share practical applications and case studies.
  • Build professional skills and capabilities.
  • Co-create solutions and tools that enable success.