Your Culture Changed During the Pandemic. How Are You Responding?

There is no question the pandemic has had an effect on corporate culture. Some culture changes have been positive (an increase in empathy, a more well-rounded view of co-workers, etc.) and some have been negative (collaboration has been challenged, “serendipity” has largely disappeared, etc.).  

The question many companies now face is do we passively allow those changes to happen, or do we proactively take action to shape the organizational culture we want in the future?  

Listen to i4cp CEO and co-founder Kevin Oakes, with special guest Ana White, EVP and Chief People Officer of F5 Networks, take a deeper look inside Culture Renovation™: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company. Based on one of the largest studies ever conducted on organizational culture, in this webinar we:  

  • Explored the “blueprint” many successful organizations have used to positively change corporate culture.
  • Learned about the major shifts in culture we anticipate as a result of the pandemic.
  • Explored case studies of companies who have created a healthier, more productive organizational culture.