Video: Diversity, Inclusion, and Why Don't Companies Take a Stand?

Over 70% of companies have diversity and inclusion as a stated corporate value, but only 19% provide a response to or make a stance on related issues we commonly hear in the news--from police shootings to Black Lives Matter and attacks on women and minorities. How can organizations respond more effectively to the barrage of social challenges that matter to (or might alienate) their employees, customers, and other stakeholders?

On Wednesday, November 16, Joe Santana, chair of i4cp's Chief Diversity Officer Board, will lead a facilitated virtual discussion that explores key findings from this latest survey (the full results will be released to all i4cp members later in the year) and poses a few critical questions, including:

  1. Why do so few companies talk about the social challenges that impact their organization?
  2. What are the 19% of companies doing to address these issues?
  3. Based on what the 19% are doing, what are realistic options that your company do address these challenges?

Kurt Fischer, chair of i4cp's Chief HR Officer Board and former head of HR at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will also join the call to share his perspective on the challenges organizations face when it comes to taking a stand on social and sometimes controversial subjects.

Watch a video from Joe, in which he discusses the findings and questions in more detail:

The virtual meeting is exclusively for members of i4cp's Chief Diversity Officer Board.