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22 Can’t-Miss Resources from 2022

More than a few critical things happened in 2022, and i4cp’s research team—in coordination with our amazing member community—produced a variety of outstanding resources to help guide you and your team through it all. In our final newsletter of 2022, we highlight 22 popular i4cp resources from the past year.

On behalf of everyone here at i4cp, best wishes for a productive 2023!

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22. Where Leading Companies Find New Talent – i4cp’s Talent Ecosystem Integrated Model

We updated our Talent Ecosystem Integrated Model this year to reflect increased concerns about retaining and attracting new talent. What sources of talent are you overlooking?

21. WM’s Commitments and Values

WM (Waste Management) gave us deep insight into how the company represents the diverse customers and communities that they serve, from frontline employees to executive leadership.

20. How is F5 Getting Hybrid Work Right?

Many organizations continue to struggle with the “hybrid experiment,” but not all. Hear from the CHRO of F5 how the 7,000-employee tech company is doing hybrid right.

19. Individual Development Plan (IDP) Templates

Our community served as a great source of inspirations for these IDP templates—download them and make them your own. Members only.

18. How Accenture Uses Virtual Reality to Onboard Employees

Want to see the metaverse in action? i4cp member Accenture took us into their VR experience for new employees. (You’ll get an update at the i4cp 2023 Conference.)

17. Video: Culture Over Compensation

While money is important, so is culture. Hear recommendations about focusing on culture t help you better attract and retain top talent. Members only.

16. The 4 HR Business Partner Role Levels

We’ve done significant work assessing the capabilities of HRBPs—use this helpful guide to better structure your HRBP team. Members only.

15. Employers Are Ignoring Workers’ Financial Worries

Only 32% of organizations are prioritizing support for workers’ financial health, even though only 12% rated their employees as being financially sound.

14. ESG is a Talent Issue, and HR Has an Increasing Role to Play

What is HR’s role in ESG? Our research on the topic explores how high-performance organizations apply specific practices to drive better results in ESG initiatives. Members only.

13. DE&I Maturity Model

We worked with i4cp’s Chief Diversity Officer Board to develop this DE&I Maturity Model—where does your organization stand? Members only.

12. 10 Practices and Principles That Attract Diverse Talent

Return-to-office mandates and budget cutbacks pose serious threats to organizational goals to improve diversity. Here are 10 ways to mitigate those threats.

11. Employees Leaving Due to a Toxic Culture? Time to Renovate.

See four recommendations from i4cp CEO Kevin Oakes, author of Culture Renovation®, on how to find and eliminate toxicity within your organization.

10. White Paper: Supercharge Your Employee Listening Strategy

This popular white paper outlines the 5 most overlooked sources of employee sentiment, 4 critical elements of an effective listening strategy, and 3 ideas for integrating those elements.

9. 16 Characteristics of a Learn-it-All

Use this handy infographic as a manager guide (or leadership behaviors benchmark) that outlines the traits of employees with growth mindsets. Members only.

8. Why Building a Learning Culture is So Critical

This Culture Renovation® article highlights 7 traits of a learning culture and three key steps to build one if you aren’t there yet.

7. HR Structure in the New Era of Work

75% of companies are restructuring their HR functions—but does it really matter? Read the research to find out.

6. HR Capabilities in the New Era of Work

Leading organizations are rethinking what a successful HR department looks like—here’s what the research says. Members only.

5. Overcoming Proximity Bias: A Bias Audit Toolkit for Flexible & Hybrid Work Models

This incredibly popular tool provides an outline to minimize proximity bias—a real challenge any organization with a hybrid workforce must overcome. Members only.

4. The Talent Imperative

This i4cp/Fortune collaboration looked at ways to navigate the Great Resignation. While the labor market has shifted—sort of—talent retention will be a continued priority for organizations in 2022.

3. Flexibility or Flight: Hybrid Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent

Our most popular research study of 2022 is about—unsurprisingly—hybrid work! Get strategies, recommendations, and case examples to help you execute better in the year ahead.

2. Guidebook: Talent Mobility and Internal Talent Marketplaces

Having the ability to move talent quickly (and avoid talent hoarding) is important to any agile organization—here’s how to strengthen your capabilities. Members only.

1. Guidebook: Creating a Skills Database

Nearly 50% of companies are building or considering building an employee skills database—this highly popular guidebook provides a step-by-step approach to doing it right. Members only