The 7 Habits of Healthy Cultures

The Next Practices Weekly call series has become a well-attended and wide-ranging discussion for HR leaders each Thursday at 11am ET / 8am PT. On this week's call, i4cp Senior Research Analyst Tom Stone hosted his colleague Katheryn Brekken, PhD, also a Senior Research Analyst at i4cp, who presented key findings at the intersection of two recent i4cp studies on culture fitness and generative AI. Here are some highlights from the call:

  • Download the slides above or view the recording to see the many research findings that were shared.
  • Participant Poll #1: How has your organization’s culture changed over the past year?
    • 9% Become much healthier
    • 44% Become slightly healthier
    • 20% No change
    • 24% Become slightly toxic
    • 2% Become very toxic
  • Participant Poll #2: How is change generally viewed in your organization?
    • 11% As a part of our business model – to be the disruptor
    • 7% As an opportunity to shake things up
    • 24% As normal, expected and manageable
    • 50% As wearing us down; there’s been too much for too long
    • 5% As a threat; it destabilizes what we do
    • 3% As overwhelming and beyond our ability to manage
  • Participant Poll #3: In which of the following ways do you personally use generative AI at work?
    • 49% I don’t use generative AI at work
    • 36% Researching information
    • 27% Drafting personal emails or other correspondence
    • 17% Analyzing / interpreting data
    • 17% Creating drafts of policies
    • 16% Writing job descriptions
    • 13% Creating interview questions
    • 20% Other

Links to resources shared on the call:



This event is approved for certification credits.