Exchange Hero LDE AUG 15 2023

Building an Effective Career Coaching Program - Leadership Development Exchange

In order to develop careers based on projected future needs, leaders must coach their employees to expand their professional growth. Employers are encouraged to assess organizational capabilities, anticipate and capitalize on future trends in their industries, and align aspirations with enterprise mission and strategies. What is the leader’s role in this process, and how can organizations create program efficiencies and scalability?

Supporting Research: Member Productivity Showcase: Lockheed Martin


  • Methods for leaders to set specific career goals with employees and understand the importance of career fit
  • Member examples of the support leaders need to motivate employees and deal with the risks of losing key team members
  • Member examples of career coaching frameworks
This meeting is exclusively for members of the Leadership Development Exchange. If you'd like to participate, please contact us to see if you qualify. If you are an i4cp member, please log in to access the registration/meeting details.
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This event is approved for certification credits.