Presented by Patrick Murray

i4cp’s research into talent risk found that the ability to assess talent risk is chief among the most important skills HR must grow in order to help their organizations achieve long-term goals. The top three skills cited were the ability to:

  • 59% - Compare business strategy and workforce data to identify areas of talent risk
  • 57% - Identify the best talent to accomplish critical work
  • 42% - identify and refine talent’s impact on how the company makes money

Understanding the talent risk your business or function faces and having the means to help your managers conduct effective, realistic talent planning are both key capabilities an HRBP must master. This session will provide guidance on how to advance in these intertwined areas, most notably developing a talent strategy and plan that takes into account:

  • Talent segmentation
  • Talent risk assessment
  • Talent mobility
  • Tapping into the organization’s talent ecosystem

This webinar is the second of three in i4cp’s Q1 2020 HRBP Development Cohort. The series is now closed to new applicants - talk to your membership director about the opportunity to take part in a future cohort, or purchase one or more HRBP Assessments.