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Healthcare HR Leader Roundtable - Equitable Benefits & Employee Well-being

To help the CHROs of healthcare providers and systems address the future of work, i4cp is launching the Healthcare HR Leader Roundtable – an exclusive community of Healthcare Provider CHROs and Chief Diversity Officers to meet four times in Q3 & Q4 of 2022 on critical topics impacting their workforce. This exclusive, virtual roundtable will be co-led by Jackie Hunter, CDO at the University of Vermont, and Pam Ries, President & CEO of Thrive Consulting & Coaching and former CHRO at Spectrum, and Carrie Bevis, Managing Director of Community & Partnership at i4cp. Meetings will be shaped by the priorities of its members. Participants will design an agenda around our collective priorities, biggest challenges, and greatest strengths.


Please note that you must be a head of HR at a large Healthcare provider or system to be eligible. If so, email Emma Zagar at Emma.Zagar@i4cp.com to express interest in attending this roundtable.