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Navigating Effective Position Management - Workforce Planning Exchange

Thanks to our special guest, Andrew Liao, who shared Toyota North America’s Position Management approach.


4 things we explored.

It started with the One Toyota Organizational Design Process. The output was authorized headcount levels established for each function and positions issued to each function. Now, Toyota has ongoing tracking via a Checkbook Process. (Watch the video at 7:49 – 9:00)

Track headcount using a Checkbook Process in Salesforce (SF). A SF dashboard shows the authorized headcount for each division, with the opportunity to see all the transactions occurring in that division. The authorized headcount can only be changed after all the approvals have gone through. (Watch the video at 9:00 – 13:00)

Requests for New Core Headcount. HRBPs complete a detailed business case that is reviewed and approved by a variety of individuals, including a CHRO and CFO review and Pillar EVP approval. Upon confirmation of approval, Authorized Headcount is updated. (Watch the video at 14:52 – 19:00)

Partnerships with HRBPs and Finance. HRBPs are a key resource as they do things such as consult on resource conditions, facilitate the headcount transfer, and partner on rollout of initiatives that impact headcount management. Finance partners closely on things such as Quarterly Labor Cost Forecasts and tracking of Labor KPIs and impact to profitability. (Watch the video at 26:23 – 29:35)


Questions to consider.

Looking to set up or adjust your Position Management approach? Think about the current state and future state for each of these questions*.

  1. Do you have a defined process to establish positions on a regular and/or ad-hoc basis (annually, off-cycle)?
  2. Who are the reviewers and approvers in the process?
  3. Is there a link to financial or budget reviews during this?
  4. Are there any systematic “stops” in place if some criteria are not met?
  5. What is HR’s role throughout this?
  6. How does this link to other HR processes like hiring, restructuring, talent reviews, etc.?
  7. Is there a position audit process in place to review them for accuracy and perform any cleanup?
  8. Do you use position data to manage priorities, strategy and/or historical insights on how an organization has evolved over time?
  9. Do you report out the cost for an empty position? (cost by position to report out additional budget needed vs financial planning)

*Questions created by Chris Michelsen, Strategic Workforce Planning & Analytics Manager, Dow

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