Getting Employees Vaccinated

Download resources (Return to Office survey and assessment templates) shared by Caroline Mandeville, CHRO of Baring, on the call. 

Should you require your employees to get vaccinated for COVID-19? Can you? There are challenging decisions ahead for HR leaders, without a clear precedent to follow. To support our community of global people leaders facing this paramount decision, this CHRO Next Practices Monthly call will highlight new i4cp research on encouraging employees to get vaccinated and insight into conversations we've held with many CHROs.

Please join us to discuss timely issues that include:

  1. Balancing personal choice against protecting the workforce
  2. Minimizing legal implications (e.g., what can vs. cannot be required), especially considering different country regulations
  3. Deciding on offsite vs. on-site company policies
  4. Educating employees on the benefits to themselves, their families, and coworkers
  5. Ensuring equitable distribution/availability of the vaccine across the workforce
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