We had an outstanding meeting at GE Crotonville this week. Our host, Jay Moore, and his team provided an exceptional experience. I urge those of you who were unable to attend to find a few minutes to review the notes to get a sense of the great contributions made by the members. I think you’ll find some very useful insights.  Tom Stone did a brilliant job of capturing the meeting, with an assist from Kevin Martin.

September 10 & 11 CLTO Board Meeting Summary Notes


If the summaries make you curious about a particular topic, here are links to the presentation materials for all of the presentations and panels.

2019 John Cone & Tom Stone Presentations

2019 Kevin Martin Presentation - 5 Elements of Disruption

2019 Kevin Oakes Presentation - Culture Renovation

2019 Clark Aldrich Presentation - Short Simulations - A New Direction


And here are the two documents referenced in our discussions.

The 5 Essential Elements to Manage Disruption (White Paper)

11 Human Capital Metrics to Build Top Talent Effectiveness (Infographic)


As always, I’m available to chat with you to fill in details or answer and questions prompted by these notes.


Oh, and don’t forget to complete the micro-survey if you haven’t already done so.  Here again is the link to the survey: 




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