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Beyond Employee Surveys: How to Listen to the Employee Voice

From the #metoo movement and continuing concerns about inclusion, employer brand, and the ability to attract and retain top talent, it’s clear that organizations need better ways to listen to their employees. 

Traditional employee engagement surveys take a snapshot of employee sentiment that is often outdated by the time you see the results, largely limit employees to answering pre-selected questions, and do not integrate other useful channels of employee feedback.  

With advances in machine intelligence and higher expectations from the workforce to be listened to, there’s no excuse for relying only on traditional employee engagement surveys. New ways to listen, learn, and act on what your employees are saying can help you get ahead of risks (before they become an embarrassing headline) and uncover new talent management opportunities. 

In this webinar, conducted by Patrick Murray, Vice President of Surveys, and Mark Walker, Vice President of Member Services, you’ll learn: 

  • The limitations of traditional employee surveys to capture employee voice
  • Other channels to listen to your employees
  • How technology has evolved to aggregate and analyze various listening channels
  • Better ways to take action on employee feedback.