Comcast: Digital Job Hiring Made Easier

This month's featured guests were three leaders from Comcast: Meredith Sadoulet (VP, Talent Experience), Antonio Ramos (Executive Director, Talent Intelligence and Brand), and James LaVallee (VP, Integrated Marketing Solutions). The discussion was focused primarily on their new Career Center initiative and was facilitated by i4cp CEO and Co-Founder Kevin Oakes and Senior Research Analyst Tom Stone.

Here are some highlights and insights from the meeting:

  • Comcast's Career Center allows Xfinity subscribers to explore employment-related content, e.g., videos about job opportunities, from their televisions at home.
  • A familiar tile-based, large-screen user interface brings a different job-searching experience.
  • The Career Center arose from the Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator program, a 13-week program for startups looking to elevate their business in partnership with Comcast NBCUniversal. An internal project team participated in the program and worked to develop the Career Center solution.
  • Greater use of "gigs" has been employed at Comcast to respond flexibly to changes and increase the organization's ability to support critical business needs quickly. Such "gigs" are part-time or full-time projects on a team other than the employee's primary team and can last from one day to six months.
  • Gigs provide leaders in the organization with a flexible solution to meet short-term, critical business needs and give employees opportunities to contribute in new ways, often leveraging skills and capacity not in use in their primary role.
  • A digital gig/employee matching platform makes matching employees with short-term work needs easier.

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