Talent Acquisition Action Recording - 10/07/20

This week we had an interactive roundtable discussion of the following topics:

Glassdoor has introduced diversity & inclusion employer ratings, which allows for rating on a scale of 1 to 5.

Mark Walker noted that i4cp did a study about two years ago of nearly 500,000 comments in Glassdoor; the sentiment analysis of positive and negative comments showed 52% negative and 48% positive.

Workplace flexibility – it is the future of work; companies must need to learn from the last six months of mandatory flexibility to offering it as a matter of course.

Some employers have found that going virtual has been a talent boon (one participant mentioned they have gone to a 100% remote workforce, and this flexibility is heavily weighted with candidates and current employees in terms of attraction and retention.  

ServiceNow has collected data on their workforce wanting to be more flex even after they will be returning to the workplace.  They pulse survey employees quarterly on this topic and the sentiment has become more concrete on flexing for employees. Some are willing to take a compensation cut for flexibility on location or give up a dedicated desk to a more flex rotation or hotel environment.

Diverse candidate slates:  have organizations defined what a diverse slate is? At Dow, they believe that inclusive processes in TA are needed and this will lead to diverse outcomes. They define diverse slates as 1: at least two genders and 2: at least 2 races/ ethnicities—not very difficult targets to reach.

A Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, from an interview perspective, they let their TA team and HR Business Partners advise on what a diverse slate looks like when questions arise. “We advise on gender, age, ethnicities, and other differences we do not always think of like departments.”

Technology: At Affinitiv, they have the ability to track top of funnel EEO data.
Several participants noted that their organizations do not have the capability to do stage analysis to view how our diverse candidates are doing in the hiring process, but a few will soon with a new ATS implementation.

Resources/References from this week’s call

Salesforce, Google rank high with new Glassdoor diversity ratings

Glassdoor: Guide to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

865,000 women left the workforce in September
Overall, 661,000 jobs were added in the U.S. labor force between August and September — but women still left it at alarming numbers.




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