Intel's VP HR: Vaccine Mandates

Driven by a surge in the Delta variant, new CDC guidance on mask wearing is complicating return to office planning, and we are beginning to see government agencies and companies announce vaccine mandates. Google, for instance, will require employees on its campuses to get vaccinated as it delays its office return. Although Google is the first tech giant to do so, we expect many others to follow suit.  

During this call, i4cp's CEO and co-founder Kevin Oakes interviewed special guest, Stephanie Crook, Vice President, HR Strategy and Culture at Intel Corporation. They discussed vaccine mandates, the effects the Delta variant will have on hybrid work, and related topics. Here are some highlights from the call:

  • Leaders at Intel are getting very focused on what is most important. Even before COVID, flexibility was on the minds of leaders at Intel, with safety and well-being being core values.
  • From those at Intel who shifted to remote work in 2020, 90% would prefer a hybrid model in order to come together at least sometimes to relate and collaborate.
  • Intel's manufacturing employees have been supported with recognition, bonuses, etc. during the pandemic. Where they work, given what they are producing, is also already one of the cleanest places of the planet.
  • Crook noted that it is important to consider the relational networks in the organization, such as locating and supporting the energizers, influencers, etc.
  • While it is true that innovation doesn't immediately suffer when doing remote or hybrid work, the concern is that after some time, it will suffer as you are no longer drafting off the previous relationships created in-person.
  • More and more companies are stating they are or will require proof of vaccination for both employees and vendors/etc. to access facilities.
  • Several call participants noted their organizations are giving employees an extra day off to get vaccinated.
  • Some noted they are permitting (for now) non-vaccinated employees to continue to work remotely.
  • Vaccination status sometimes determines whether you are required to wear a mask at the workplace everywhere, with some requiring it in common areas regardless of vaccination status.
  • Some organizations are also using financial incentives for vaccination.

Participant poll results during the call:

  • Has your organization mandated vaccinations?
    Yes - 13%
    No - 67%
    We are considering it - 20%
  • Will you track who has been vaccinated?
    Yes - 48%
    No - 27%
    We are considering it - 25%
  • How will you track who has been vaccinated?
    Honor system - 28%
    Through our HRIS - 35%
    Via a separate app - 19%
    Some other way - 18%