i4cp's Organizational Effectiveness Assessment

i4cp's Organizational Effectiveness Assessment is based on extensive research into high-performance organizations. It aligns top leadership to better execute, pinpoint issues in underperforming business units, and make human resource management practices more strategic.

That's why companies ranging from global hotel chains to fast-growing high-tech firms have used the assessment process to:

  • build executive consensus for change;
  • clarify the scope and depth of business issues;
  • stimulate new thinking on ways to structure and organize the workforce;
  • prioritize actions that will have the greatest impact on market performance.

The assessment helps to:

Accelerate strategy execution
i4cp's research has discovered the keys to high performance. The assessment benchmarks your organization and identifies focus areas to more effectively implement business strategy.

Improve overall organizational performance
The assessment reveals organizational strengths and weaknesses by evaluating your organization's effectiveness in the five areas i4cp's research shows distinguish high-performance organizations from low performers:

  • Market: Is your company best positioned to meet customer needs?
  • Strategy: Is your business strategy clear and are the behaviors of your leaders consistent with strategy?
  • Culture: Does the organization's culture enable or impede strategy implementation?
  • Leadership: Are your leaders capable of meeting your organization's growth objectives?
  • Talent: Do your talent practices maximize employee performance?
i4cp's Organizational Effectiveness Assessment process helped our executive team to quickly reach consensus on key improvement areas, and allowed us to make significant changes that will benefit our customers and improve our bottom line.
Kristin Trecker, Former CHRO, MTS Systems

Why choose i4cp's assessment process?

A research-based model that is easier to explain and understand than most.
i4cp's process guides your organization to superior business results using an integrated, common-sense model organized into five areas—Market, Strategy, Culture, Leadership, and Talent—that are easy to explain and understand.

Leadership team involvement. And commitment.
Your leadership team not only participates in the assessment process from start to finish, they have skin in the game. This builds their understanding and commitment to the process, ensuring that improvements will be made faster and sustained.

The process
i4cp's follows a practical step-by-step approach to lead your team through the Organizational Effectiveness Assessment:

  1. Assessment planning
    Pre-assessment planning, supported by a dedicated i4cp project manager, ensures the process meets your unique needs.
  2. Data collection
    An online survey is sent to organizational leaders, collecting input by level and department.
  3. Analysis and feedback on the results
    Your executive team receives a presentation on the assessment results, including constructive insights from i4cp research on the practices of high-performance organizations, followed by an i4cp-led work session to review and analyze key findings.
  4. Action planning and change initiatives
    i4cp's best and next practices research supports your business and HR leaders as they make and sustain needed
    organizational changes.