HR Business Partners are among the most pivotal Human Resources professionals in your organization. Are you confident your HRBPs have the right skills for the future?

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Developing HRBPs is a priority for many organizations.

The Human Resources Business Partner is a challenging and visible role that is key to aligning HR to business initiatives and achieving effective HR service delivery.

HRBPs must successfully build coaching, trusted advisory, and partnering relationships with business leaders and HR peers across the organization. They perform strategic work that demands business acumen as well as a broad understanding of core HR.

The HR knowledge required today often delves deeper into more advanced areas such as talent planning, talent risk management, and people analytics. Are your HRBPs equipped with the necessary skills for today— and the future?

i4cp's HRBP Development Assessment

Used by hundreds of HRBPs across organizations from all industries, i4cp's HRBP Development Assessment helps upskill HR business partners and serve as a bellwether of progress. Specifically, it:

  • Identifies existing strengths and development needs for individual HRBPs
  • Pinpoints common areas for improvement across an HRBP community
  • Provides a wealth of resources to upskill HRBPs quickly and effectively

About the HRBP Assessment & Methodology

  • i4cp’s HRBP Development Assessment Model™

    Utilizing a model based on a combination of input from senior HR leaders, industry experts, and i4cp research, the assessment covers six major areas for HRBP development:

    -  Business acumen

    -  HR knowledge and expertise

    -  Relationship and interpersonal skills

    -  Consultation and influence

    -  Talent planning and risk management

    -  People analytics

  • Multi-Rater Assessment

    Using an online multi-rater tool based on i4cp’s model, HRBPs receive developmental feedback from key contacts, such as business unit leaders, peers in HR COEs, their managers, etc.

    The assessment produces a personalized Strengths and Development Needs report that speaks directly to the skills and skills gaps of each individual.

  • Reporting and Analysis

    i4cp's HRBP Development Assessment™ is designed to stand alone or be integrated into existing HRBP development initiatives. It provides both individual and aggregate reports showing results for groups of HRBPs across the enterprise, with detailed analysis for future development.

    i4cp also offers custom cohort experiences and assessments for organizations that want a tailored approached. Ideal for larger organizations looking to engage hundreds of HRBPs.