i4cp research has repeatedly shown that leadership development is the most critical issue facing organizations year over year—despite billions of dollars spent annually, many organizations struggle to see effective outcomes.

As a result, we partnered with organizational network thought leader Rob Cross to offer a series of opportunities to develop your leaders—most notably, your frontline managers—in a way that aligns more closely to reality:

The most effective leaders build and rely on strong networks—and help their employees do the same.

Leadership Development Course

Enroll your managers in a five-week learning experience that explores how to develop and manage a personal network based on proven strategies of other successful leaders.

Participants progress through the course supported by activities, videos, articles, discussion forums, and live sessions, and conclude with a detailed action plan to more purposefully develop a network that supports their needs.

The Connected Leaders virtual course enables you to:

  • Innovate to leverage creativity
  • Execute work more efficiently
  • Scale the impact of their work efforts
  • Thrive, both at work and at home
  • Adapt to transitions in your career

The strategies in this experience are based on findings from one of the most significant social network analysis research projects undertaken. Directed by Rob Cross, the project included in-depth interviews with 160 people across 20 organizations from around the world.

Participants explore specific strategies and approaches the research found to be successful.

Leadership Assessment

Take an online self and team feedback assessment that helps leaders assess their personal networks and identify targeted areas to improve their network strategies to innovate, execute, and thrive.

Leadership Card Decks

Using proactive network strategies to help you innovate, execute and thrive

Applied in a group workshop or individual coaching, these highly popular cards—which use QR codes to link to additional resources and insights online—are designed to help users see the subtle ways personal networks and relationships impact innovation, execution and your sense of thriving and well-being.

Based on extensive research and interviews content in these cards are appropriate for any level professional who are focused on how to:

  • Produce innovative solutions: Tap a broad network and create energy in interactions to solve problems, see opportunities and implement new ideas.
  • Execute work efficiently: Initiate connections to create influence without authority and adapt networks to implement, scale and drive results.
  • Thrive at work: Reduce collaborative overload and invest in networks proactively to boost well-being, resilience and career satisfaction.