What is Connected Commons?

Connected Commons is a research consortium co-managed by founder Rob Cross and i4cp. Based on over 25 years of research across more than 300 organizations, we have distilled the individual, team, and organizational practices that foster effective collaboration and connection for improved performance and well-being. More details.

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To help your employees cultivate cross-functional collaborative networks to support performance, inclusion, well-being, and culture, the following resources are included in your Connected Commons membership:

1. Connectivity & Collaboration Community

Join this ongoing community that explores research-based practices and tools to reduce collaboration overload, accelerate role transitions, increase organizational agility and leadership effectiveness, and invest in relational well-being. 
Membership includes five seats.

2. Online Assessments

Access a suite of card explorer activities and assessments enabling individuals and teams to identify strengths and blind spots, learn about better ways of working, and make targeted improvements.
Membership includes up to 200 individual assessments.

  • Collaboration Overload - Identify practices to more efficiently manage collaborative work and buy back 18-24% of your time.
  • Connected Leaders – Discover proactive network strategies to help early and mid-career managers and individual contributors innovate, execute and thrive.
  • Connected Talent - Effectively manage transitions by initiating, engaging and refining networks for success in new roles.
  • Thriving Through Connections – Help others thrive by cultivating trust, purpose and energy in your networks.
  • Relational Well-being – Understand how your personal relationships drive your performance, purpose, and overall well-being.

3. Connected Talent Platform

Certify people on your team with proximity to role transitions (coaches, HRBPs, onboarding program leaders, etc.) to more effectively onboard and integrate people into new roles by helping them build fit-for-purpose networks to support their success, impact and retention.
Membership includes 10 certification courses.


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