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The Connected Commons is a consortium of diverse organizations co-managed by Rob Cross and i4cp. Based on 25 years of research in organizational networks, we collectively develop insights and tools that impact performance and well-being through a social capital lens. Connected Commons offers an engaged peer community, new and practical research, and research-driven practical tools.

As an i4cp member with access to Connected Commons, the following tools are included in your membership and ready for your immediate use:

Agility Accelerator

Organizations and leaders need new tools to better analyze connectivity and collaboration necessary to improve agility, execution, and workforce performance, especially in a virtual environment.

This interactive analytics platform quickly visualizes and analyzes communication and collaboration, provides insights about workflows within your team, group, or department, and offers research-based recommendations to implement immediate improvements.
Membership includes one analysis project for up to 35 people.


Collaborative Overload Assessment

20-35% of value-added collaboration is generated from only 3-5% of employees, leaving top talent overloaded. But simple practices can be adopted to help your people recover lost time.

This online self- and team assessment helps workers examine their collaborative demands and habits and identify new practices to manage collaborative work and regain productivity.
Membership includes 5 assessments.


Connected Leaders Assessment

60% of newly promoted managers fail within their first year. These rising leaders need support to build the connections that enable them to lead effectively.

This online self- and team assessment helps leaders assess their personal networks and identify targeted areas to improve their network strategies to innovate, execute and thrive.
Membership includes 5 assessments.


Accelerating Transitions Certification Course

In today’s competitive economy, hiring, onboarding, and retention costs are increasing.  Support your new and transitioning talent by giving them the tools and network insights they need to build a sustainable network to accelerate their time to productivity and career success.

This certification course provides a self-led overview of the key principles for successful transitions.
Membership includes 10 course passes.



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