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Key Takeaways from Weekly Talent Management Action Calls: COVID-19 Business Response

3/13/20: The discussion on the talent management cohort call covered the following issues and considerations:

Culture & Employee Experience
•How do we address employee psychological safety and mental well-being during this time of heightened anxiety and perceived risk?
•What steps is your organization taking to manage employee experience through this crisis?
•How is hiring and onboarding impacted?
 Some organizations are moving to WebEx for interviews and postponing some onboarding

Well-being Champions
•Acting as advocates within in the organization to help people connect to healthy practices
•Help support community connection throughout this process

Working Environment & Technology
•How are organizations supporting employees who are working from home for the first time?
•Logistics: Do employees have the technology and communication tools they need to do their jobs and collaborate with co-workers?
•What strategies are being developed for employees working from home with kids due to school closures?
 Some are creating special PTO codes for parents with kids at home
 Virtual School / home-schooled / school cancellations
•Issues with lack of equipment for students working from home
•Leaning on community for rotating childcare (between families, at church/community groups)

Other flexibility at home
•Set norm around walking calls on the phone (to get away from your computer)
•Trust employees to get the work done when/how they can without being tied to 9-5 days

•How are you differentiating communication to populations at various risk levels?
•What cadence are you using to communicate with employees?
•Employees need a regular cadence of top-down communication.
•Have plenty of check-ins and team calls that support emotional well-being (not every call needs to be task-related)
•Establish guidelines to provide structure
•Providing links to the official guidelines
•How do you handle stigma around employees who tested positive for coronavirus?
•How are you inquiring about employee health?
•Be in alignment with HIPPA laws
•What communication channels are you using?
•Dedicated Slack channel with latest links
•“Water cooler discussion” slack channel to help continue fun and meaningful connection
•Employee-led online communities
•Sending out company-wide surveys 

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