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Monica Pool Knox: "The Changing Nature of Talent for People and for Organizations"

In a new podcast, Microsoft's head of Global Talent Management, Monica Pool Knox, addresses how meeting the needs of people can also meet the needs of global organizations (Microsoft is an i4cp member company).

What employees really want is varying experiences and skills,  Knox says.

"People [candidates] used to look at a company’s financial records but now things have changed and the mission and purpose is what is really important. If the culture isn’t something people want, they may opt to do something different." The office is now ‘wherever you are.’ The mentality of blending work and family and having harmony and integration is now where people’s focus is at. This requires companies to be flexible when they are looking for the top talent to attract and retain. This is a big shift from years ago," says Knox.

CLICK HERE  to listen to the podcast, which offers advice to leaders thinking about the changing nature of talent, as well as to individuals on how to make this evolving talent landscape work for them.