AIG high potential

AIG Identifies High-Potentials with it's People to Watch Program

The selection process for choosing participants in AIG’s People to Watch initiative includes an eclectic combination of grade levels, performance ratings and other criteria, but the results work for the global firm. The 2012 initiative had 132 participants, representing all regions in which AIG operates.

People to Watch launched in 2012, fueled by a desire to populate the leadership pipeline with a diverse talent pool that reflects its customer base. Courtney Williams, Program Manager in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, said participants were culled from the ranks of mid-level managers. “We have so many diverse high-potentials around the globe,” said Williams, “and People to Watch was created to identify them and prepare them for a future with our company.”

Criteria now and going forward

The 2012 target group was based on grade level to pinpoint mid-managers not being groomed within higher-level programs. To ensure a successful cadre of entrants, the final participants were selected by the local HR and business leaders based on specific criteria including performance ratings. Future programs will broaden the selection criteria to focus on program content and skills.

The “Passport to Success”

People to Watch includes an invitation to attend the signature professional development forum “Passport to Success.” The forum is based on AIG’s Core Competency Framework and includes opportunities for network building with peers and leaders across functions and businesses. Participants also take a self-assessment to explore key factors in developing a global mindset and leveraging diverse communication styles. The two-day forum provides participants with visibility and exposure to regional and global company leaders via featured speaker sessions and group mentoring exercises with executives. Williams says senior leaders speak candidly about their successes and challenges and that it’s eye-opening for participants to hear about those experiences first-hand. “They help the participants make the connection to our company’s core competencies.”

Measures of success

The success of the initiative is measured via post-surveys and through open dialogue with both participants and the world-wide mentors. “We have executives thanking us for the opportunity and asking how they can participate again in the future,” said Williams. With that kind of enthusiasm and support from AIG’s global leaders, the People to Watch initiative is gaining recognition as a great tool for creating a diverse pipeline of high-potential employees.

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