Webinar: Is It Time to Rethink Your Business?

Even while many companies are struggling to survive or rein in costs, these turbulent times provide an amazing opportunity to unmask the areas businesses need to grow and cut. Before moving to the execution phase, however, we need to understand the human condition that attaches what we do with how we do it to a point where it's difficult to properly assess what is and isn't actually important.

Join Ric Merrifield, Business Architect at Microsoft and author of the new hit book, "Rethink: A Business Manifesto for Cutting Costs and Boosting Innovation" as he discusses how to avoid "the 'how' trap" that we all fall victim to. Ric will also be seen in the coming months on Oprah and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

This webinar - Thursday, May 14 at 1pm EDT - will explore key concepts from his book, such as:
  1. Identifying the pitfalls of "The 'How' Trap"
  2. Learning from powerful case studies ranging from ING DIRECT and Amazon.com to Procter & Gamble
  3. Rising above low-level processes and narrow perspectives
  4. Stepping back, identifying what really matters to the organization, and acting accordingly
  5. Understanding the hidden connections that can make or break your business
  6. Making profitable changes without setting off destructive "chain reactions"
  7. Exposing activities where people, processes, and technology matter ... and, equally important, where they don't
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Erik Samdahl
Erik is the head of marketing at i4cp, and has nearly 20 years in the market research and human capital research industry.