It's the battle of two carnivals, which isn't nearly as violent as one would imagine. With both the Leadership Development Carnival and Carnival of HR arriving on the same day - today - readers have a plethora of new articles to choose from.

The Leadership Development Carnival, hosted at, revolves around a theme of self-improvement. The Carnival comes equipped with 28 articles, covering topics such as:
  • Succession planning
  • 2009 predictions
  • Caring for employees
  • Line manager tips and coaching
The Carnival of HR, hosted at the Pennsylvania Labor & Employment Blog, has only 16 articles, but with a theme of "change," it seems all the more relevant. Topics include:
  • Great leaders with little experience vs. so-so leaders with vast experience
  • How not to confound expectations
  • Salary increases and base pay goals
  • More workplace forecasts and predictions
Check out both and determine for yourself which deserves the title of "The Best Carnival of January 21, 2009."