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Blueprint for Successful Culture Change Outlined in New Book, Culture Renovation™

Leveraging data from the largest research study conducted on organizational culture, book showcases interviews and case studies from some of the world’s top CEOs and companies 

Seattle, January 12, 2021 – Corporate culture matters—and research proves culture is inextricably linked to organizational performance. With a new year upon us, and organizations that have been unintentionally changed by the pandemic, companies are actively exploring changes to their corporate culture.  

But here’s the harsh reality: only 15% of them will succeed. Those that do will likely have embraced a mindset of renovation when it comes to enacting culture change. 

In CULTURE RENOVATION: 18 Leadership Actions to Build an Unshakeable Company (McGraw-Hill; January 19, 2021), Kevin Oakes, CEO of the world’s leading HR research firm—the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp)—provides the definitive blueprint to create a powerful culture that delivers tangible business benefits. Drawing on data from one of the largest studies ever conducted on corporate culture, Oakes details how high-performance organizations such as Microsoft, T-Mobile, 3M, Patagonia, Mastercard and many more have successfully made significant culture changes.  

“The best playbooks are a combination of reliable research, relatable examples, and actionable strategies,” said Brené Brown, PhD, author of New York Times #1 bestseller Dare to Lead.  “This is the best playbook I’ve seen when it comes to creating organizational cultures that create competitive advantage, unlock performance, and rehumanize work.” 

Oakes showcases how organizations with healthy cultures outperform those with unhealthy cultures by virtually every measure—from revenue growth to market share to profitability to customer satisfaction. He walks readers through all the steps for turning any culture into one that drives agility, growth, and an improved employer and consumer brand, including:  

  • Employing a comprehensive listening strategy to deeply understand the existing culture to determine what stays and what goes
  • Identifying the traits of a healthy corporate culture
  • Painting a clear vision for the future that will guide a business for decades to come
  • Establishing a co-creation mindset
  • Identifying the influencers and energizers who become culture ambassadors and are instrumental in successful change
  • Ferreting out skeptics and non-believers who typically derail the best intentions
  • Determining how progress will be measured, monitored, and reported
  • Implementing talent processes to ensure change is sustained long-term 

“Your employees are the engine that powers ideas, innovation, and success of your company every day,” commented Ajay Banga, Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard.  “A strong culture can provide the right fuel to nurture and empower your teams.  In Culture Renovation, Kevin reinforces how leaders can learn from others and create the environment that enables each employee to make a difference.” 

“Culture change is hard but can be such an accelerant to growth, and Kevin Oakes nails it when he says you need a real renovation to unlock your organization’s potential,” added Kathleen Hogan, Chief People Officer, Microsoft.  “His 18-point guide is a ready roadmap with key insights on how to create a successful partnership with HR to effect lasting change.” 

Culture Renovation is available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Porchlight and other business book outlets. For more information, please visit 

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Erik Samdahl
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