Michele Powell-Cromwell

Engagement Lead

As an Engagement Lead, Michele is responsible for the ongoing engagement, member satisfaction, and execution to drive adoption and value opportunities. Michele serves to understand customer needs, strategize on how to meet their needs to achieve successful execution of their strategies and workforce roadmap. Michele has experience in learning, talent and HR working with clients in the Midwest, US. Michele helps members understand the changing marketplace with next practices needed for success.

Michele has years of experience as a human capital practitioner partnering with Fortune 500 companies. In her previous role in Bersin by Deloitte she served as a trusted member advisor and partner to many companies in the financial services and energy resources and industrial industries in the US and EMEA. She drove ongoing engagement with C Suite members to consultants to deliver member value. She also has 20+ years in the telecom industry at Time Warner and Frontier Communications, where she focused primarily on what matters most in customer support and satisfaction for small to mid-size and large companies with cutting edge solutions to keep them ahead of the curve.