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Webinar: Unearthing the Potential in Hidden Collaborative Networks

Featuring John Boudreau & Rob Cross 

How can HR find and better nurture and support the key players in your organization’s social network?
Organizational network analysis (ONA) measures and graphs patterns of collaboration by examining the strength, frequency and nature of interactions between people in those networks.

Often, network analysis reveals patterns of communication and influence that are very different from the formal hierarchical structures that leaders rely upon. In fact, these connections—and the people behind them—are likely invisible to your HR systems.

In this webinar, John Boudreau and Rob Cross share examples and insights for using Organizational Network Analytics (ONA) to improve HR programs, including:

  • Recommendations on how to use ONA to amplify your traditional people analytics 
  • Leveraging ONA without a people analytics function 
  • How to emphasize connections during onboarding, which in turn can lead to greater engagement, retention, and inclusion 

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