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Webinar: Is Your Company Primed For Innovation?

Presented by Dr. Kumar Mehta, Author of "The Innovation Biome"

The only way to create an environment where innovation thrives is by creating a culture where everybody in in the organization is encouraged to innovate and companies are able to mobilize the creative power of the entire organization.

This is how the most innovative companies in the world have done it.

This webinar shares how Amazon, Apple and other admired companies have created a culture of innovation and the five principles shared by the most innovative companies in the world. This webinar also shows why chasing the Next Big Thing will never work and how companies can track and monitor the innovation IQ of their organizations.

About Kumar Mehta, Ph.D.
Dr. Kumar Mehta is an expert in innovation science and the bestselling author of The Innovation Biome.  Kumar is the founder of Bridges Insight, a think tank focused on innovation.

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