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Webinar: How Shell Built a Blended Learning Program to Maximize Leader Potential

Shell’s aspiration to lead the evolving energy industry means its leaders need to deliver safety, innovation and peak performance through their people. A review of Shell’s existing leadership development curriculum revealed a more impactful and expedient approach could be taken to equip leaders to meet this challenge and to drastically reduce the 18-month long program offered previously.

This new approach, a five-month blended learning program with a core purpose to enable leaders to lead themselves, lead others, and lead the business, focuses on building leader capability in eight core skills areas—the basics of leadership - with an aim not to overwhelm leaders with theory, but instead to create a simple and immediate context for development.

In this webinar, Sylva Juliano, Shell’s VP of Leadership & Commercial Development, will share:

  • The business case for changing the way shell develops its leaders
  • How Shell designed and implemented this curriculum, outlining challenges and key success factors
  • Results and next steps
  • Recommendations to other organizations facing similar opportunities.

Shell’s initiative was a recipient of i4cp’s 2018 Next Practice Award. Join us to learn more about their amazing business success story.