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Virtual Fireside Chat: The Next Era of Work

Join CEOs Kevin Oakes of i4cp and David Plink of Top Employers Institute on July 8 at 10 AM ET in an exclusive fireside chat exploring findings from the i4cp report From Cube to Cloud: The Next Era of Work.

COVID forced almost all non-essential services to shut down offices and, where possible, transition to remote working. Governments required solidarity from businesses large and small. The choice was out of our hands. Now, though, as we prepare for the re-opening of workplaces, there is a choice: create the next era of work, or fall back into previous ways of working.

Will we embrace a hybrid way of working? Is it a mistake to force employees back to the office? How will hybrid models affect collaboration and productivity? What impact will remote working have on Diversity and Inclusion?

Find out what i4cp's research reveals about what leading organizations strive for to enable collaboration, innovation, and a sense of belonging in a hybrid working world.

Kevin and David will answer audience questions throughout the session, so register now and ask your question on the future of work ahead of July 8.