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Unlocking Relational Well-being - Connectivity & Collaboration Community Call

Today, employee well-being is top of mind for most organizations, yet most EAP and well-being initiatives go underutilized and with little impact. That's because most of these offerings only help people to persist in the breakneck environments and overloaded workplaces that we operate in. The Connected Commons research takes a novel approach to unpack social and relational well-being to help leaders and individuals learn how to reframe the social context for greater well-being. In this call, we learned from Rob Cross, Greg Pryor, and our guest Dawn Klinghoffer, Head of People Analytics at Microsoft and author of the recent HBR article, "Why Microsoft Measures Thriving, Not Engagement".

In this Connectivity & Collaboration Community call, we covered:


Invisible Micro-stresses – We looked at 10 types of micro-stresses that can quickly deplete your workforce, especially in a hybrid environment.


Ten Percenters – Rob's research revealed that about 10% of people live above some stressors by living life on their own terms. We can all learn to proactively shape the roles and values we want to embody and lean into relationships and groups that expand our sense of meaning and purpose.


Behavior Change – Breakout groups discussed ways to incorporate relational well-being at scale, help people manage the negative aspects of hyperconnectivity, and encourage employees to reflect on their impact on others and make positive behavior change.


Thrive Studio – Greg shared a sneak peak of Connected Common's latest development, the Thrive Social Agility Studio, designed to empower employees to adapt their social environment.

Insights from Dawn Klinghoffer:

“At Microsoft, we started by measuring everything but the kitchen sink. We then started to differentiate and hone in on what we wanted to measure. We knew we wanted the survey to be about one outcome - the employee experience.

"Thriving is what we want at Microsoft. Our CEO Satya Nandella, uses the word, "thrive." You need a leader to embrace it and believe what you're measuring."

"We had to lean in with experts in change management - constant communication to senior leadership team and all executives in the company, including videos, emails, personal insights.”

"For us, it's really about a hybrid approach to work. The question is not if, but WHEN does in-person work matter?"

Learn more in her recent article, "Why Microsoft Measures Employee Thriving, Not Engagement"

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