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UC Berkeley 'Emerging Talent Leader Intensive Workshop'

Do you aspire to lead the human capital team? This intensive workshop provides in-depth, experiential learning to succeed at new and emerging people issues. You will be immersed in talent and workforce management, training and development, organizational structures, culture, strategy and systems thinking tapping exciting new strategies and approaches. This three-day program is designed to introduce game-changing constructs and build leading-edge expertise. New thinking, new solutions, transformative approaches will be the focus of this program.

On successful completion, participants will:

  • Understand the rapidly changing challenges in human resource management.
  • Explore ways to enhance or foster human capital innovation.
  • Build skills in talent and learning management, strategic thinking, and analytics and evidence-based thinking.
  • Gain insight into workforce planning and the impact of automation on work and organizational structure.

Note: A group discount is available for employees attending from the same company.

Session Topics

Leading Healthy Teams

Dacher Keltner, UC Berkeley Faculty Member and Co-Director of the Greater Good Science Center

How do work culture, practices, and behaviors impact employee practices and relationships? Ways to create an environment where employees can thrive, engage, produce, and have fun, too.

The Formula for Organizational Agility

Kevin Oakes, CEO, i4cp

CEOs are demanding more agility from their organizations to not only handle constant industry changes, but ultimately to exploit and take advantage of them. They realize talent is critical to this goal, and with shrinking talent pools the ability to hire and retain skilled employees and develop critical talent plays a key role. In this interactive session, Kevin Oakes, CEO of the Institute for Corporate Productivity, will share the latest research on such topics as how to manage Talent Risk as part of your workforce plan, why high-performance organizations are trying to create a culture of learning, and how “purposeful collaboration” has become the new currency for today's leaders.

New HR Technologies and Offerings at Workday

Greg Pryor, VP, Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness, Workday

Where can the application of HR analytics have the most value for HR leaders and their organizations? And what direction will HR analytics take over the next few years? Greg Pryor will explore next-generation HR technologies and how HR leaders can take advantage of new trends.

Organizational Structure and Business Alignment (Parts I & II)

Gary Katzenstein, UC San Diego Faculty Member

Given constantly changing business environments, achieving alignment between business structure and strategy is a challenge. By recognizing changes in the environment and within the organization, we can identify performance gaps and organizational challenges that allows us to successfully realign.

Career Progression for a Great Team Leader (Panel Discussion)

Co-Moderators: Jeanette Winters, SVP & CHRO, Igloo, and Robert David, Director, Corporate Education, UC Berkeley

Transforming Performance Management (Panel Discussion @ Autodesk)

Moderator: Jonathan Levy, Director, Training & OD, Autodesk

Translating Workforce Analytics into Vision

David Lewin, UCLA Faculty Member

The ability to drive above-market growth hinges on deep insights into a company's workforce and how well those insights translate into effective action. This session focuses on understanding how to tell a story using data and emerging trends to inform your talent management and HR decisions.

The Evolving 21st Century Workplace

David Lewin, UCLA Faculty Member

A multitude of changes are expected to occur in the workplace during the remainder of this century. This session focuses on understanding how economic, social, and demographic changes impact the labor market, job design and workplace relationships.

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging (DIBs) for Teams

Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer, ServiceNow

Explore the DIBs approach, and discover how to activate it in your organization. Driving the conversation on DIBs, hiring and retaining diverse talent, listening to your workforce, and integrating it into your employee lifecycle.