Toronto CHRO Forum: How to Improve Productivity and Achieve High Levels of Trust

Trust is a major determinant of your organization’s culture health. And your organization’s culture health is a major determinant of its productivity. It’s that simple.

But there is a war on trust taking place within every institution, exemplified in the numerous strikes and calls to unionize, return to office mandates, AI and the future of work, and employer responses (or non-responses) to the myriad geopolitical issues taking place today. Ironically, some of the business decisions made to increase productivity have the opposite effect.

The good news is there are several research-based actions employers can take to boost trust across their organizations—and improve productivity.

Join us for the April 9 Toronto CHRO Forum where i4cp Chief Research Officer, Kevin Martin will explore the latest research on productivity and trust and walk through what those actions are, such as:

  • Modeling organizational values
  • Holding people leaders accountable for employee outcomes
  • Listening to your workers (and acting on what you hear)
  • Offering flexibility
  • Empowering employees
  • And more.

As a reminder, the Toronto CHRO Forum – co-hosted by i4cp and The Talent Company – is open exclusively to senior HR executives. To encourage open dialogue and collaboration, vendors and consultants are not permitted.