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The Great Reconnection - Creating A Sense of Belonging When Onboarding

According to i4cp’s Next Practices in Holistic Well-Being: The Performance Advantage report , high-performing organizations are 4x more likley than low performing organization to invest in career and social/relational well-being. Greg Pryor, Connected Talent Program Leader, and i4cp's Chief Research Officer, Kevin Matin explored how prioritizing relationships and connectivity throughout the onboarding process can generate higher performance, spur effective collaboration, and foster a sense of belonging.

Top 4 things we explored:

Adaptability & Agility means Resiliency –  i4cp’s Kevin Martin challenges organizations to think about onboarding for all forms of employee transition. Agility or adaptability requires resiliency among the workforce. If adaptability and agility is how quickly you adapt to change, resiliency is how you bounce back from unexpected change.

Holistic Well-being and Workforce Readiness –  Research shows that workforce readiness is not all about skill. If new employees do not make the connections they need to feel connected to individuals and opportunities, it can lead to burnout and withdrawal. Call participants are taking a holistic approach to employee well-being by investing in social and career satisfaction.

Use in-person sessions to build broad networks and help people "Catch the Culture” – Organizations are shifting their focus from Day One paperwork to creating an impactful networking opportunity at employees’ first in-person visit. Member organizations are bringing new hires onsite for their first few days to drive home company culture and provide routes of success for employees to find their cohorts. The goal is to help employees experience the desired culture first-hand while stablishing trusting relationships.

The leader’s role when building connections – Organizations on the call expressed that most leaders are ‘somewhat intentional’ with ensuring new employees feel connected. Members are balancing ways for leaders to foster belonging amongst employees while also encouraging employees to proactively build their social network.

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