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Technology in Service of People; The Art and Science of Transforming Our Work

i4cp's CEO Kevin Oakes will be present on How High-Performance Organizations are Unlocking Trapped Productivity from AI & Robotics.

As advances in technology rapidly shift the work tasks performed by people vs. those performed by automation and algorithms, organizations need to deconstruct, and then reconstruct, the way work gets done. They also need to prepare the culture for inevitable changes to workflow and organizational structure. Leveraging data from a brand new, not-yet-released i4cp study – conducted in coordination with USC Professor and industry guru John Boudreau and many F500 companies – we will explore how high-performance organizations are leveraging advanced work automation (AI, robotics, etc.) in the workplace as well as in the HR function

About the event:

Organizations face increasingly complex challenges in re-inventing their work – from leveraging the right technology, to designing optimal organizations, to creating the right human experiences. In this age of digital design and transformation, we are often faced with paradoxical challenges, which can put people-centered outcomes at odds with technological priorities.

How do we design to enable technology that truly supports people working in new and innovative ways? How do we digitize and keep people engaged in meaningful work? How do we organize for 21st century business speed and keep pace with practical people and customer needs? At ODF’s 2019 conference, we’ll explore these critical questions facing organizations today.

Join a group of experienced, committed, and passionate practitioners near Seattle, April 16 – 18, 2019. We’re bringing thought leaders together to explore Technology in Service of People; The Art and Science of Transforming Our Work  – be a part of it!