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Talent Exodus Peer Focus Group

This research focus group is open to any senior HR practitioners who contributed to our research survey on the Post-Pandemic Talent Exodus.

During the focus group, we will share key findings from the Post-Pandemic Talent Exodus survey. We will also ask some follow-up questions to learn more about how your organization is working to retain talent, analyzing employee sentiment about return to the workplace, and preparing for back-filling roles related to a post-pandemic talent exodus. This conversation will serve as a great opportunity to share ideas with your peers.

A preview of our survey results:

  • Nearly two-thirds (62%) of professionals cited burnout as the most significant driver of potential talent loss for their organizations.
  • Only 30% of organizations have made salary pay equity audits, indicating that this is a good time to start conducting audits and adjusting for any inequalities.
  • More than half (51%) of organizations have already collected employee sentiment specific to the organization’s returning to the office policy decisions in order to assess talent exodus risk.